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Stock Market Trading System

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Stock Market Trading System


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Stock Market Trading System

Cy Group is an online community designed to meet the needs of all active traders. We encourage individuals of all levels to give us a call to discuss how we can improve your trading performance. Additionally, all Cy Group members have the opportunity to access our successful training programs.

Autoclose Risk Management

We are very excited to announce the release of Autoclose Trader. This unique automation tool allows STERLING traders to manage their positions by dollar value and percentage stop losses. Set a dollar value per position and if this loss is reached it will market you out of that single position. Select closeout position if positive position goes negative. Also has option to close out all your positions when a max loss is reached. If you like to protect your profits, you can also set a dollar value of profits, and once you are up X amount and it pulls back a percentage from his PNL high, it will market you out of the position. Please inquire for more details. This is a unique automated risk management software designed for traders who are already using Sterling with other brokerages. We do provide Sterling or any trading services but license out software modules that work with Sterling.

Home Study Courses

Cy Group is proud to release a series of real live trading from the top traders all around the world. Here take a view of unseen footage of real live scalpers that make money consistently from the markets. Whether they move a million shares of Microsoft or short 100 shares of Google, watching them in action is exciting and educational. We also sell CD education packages that show the deep secrets to direct access trading. Learn what the market makers and specialists don't want you to know. Tap into Cy Group's resources including presentations, videos, and online seminar material to help coach you to become a better trader and a more savvy investor.

Live Chat

Come join our real-time chatroom where members can openly discuss their daily trades. Our chatroom is unique because it offers a live news feed. Any breaking news or rumor is posted in real-time in our chatroom. Our goal is to foster an environment where members can work together to increase profitability. Access is included in our introductory educational package or can be subscribed without a contract fo $200/month. Please contact us for more info.

Discussion Board

Registration is free. Join and post threads on any topic you wish to discuss. Visit frequently to see what other traders have on their mind.

Cy Scanner

Try the demo for free. Our real time market anlyzer spits out trade signals according to your definitions. Looking for a stock that gaps up in the morning and pulls back 50%? Or a stock that has been up 5 days in a row with volume and hitting new highs? These are some examples of what our scanner can do. Traders can subscribe to our scanner for only $65/month with no contract.

E-signal Discount

Our members receive a automatic 20% discount with E-signal. E-signal provides individuals with affordable, reliable, real-time financial market information and professional-level tools. Analyzing charts and scanning the market in real time has never been easier. To receive this discount, please fill out the contact us page.


Cy Group offers seminars all throughout the year in one of our various locations. New members can also sign up for web based seminars where our instructors use an award winning desktop viewing application that allows students to watch live trading. Our instructors also use video clips of real trading to reinforce our trading methodology. Please visit our seminar page for more info.



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