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Standard and Poor’s is a financial services company that rates corporate bonds, municipal bonds, and stocks according to their risk.  This company also tracks the S&P indexes and publishes many different investment reports.  Standard and Poor’s categorizes stocks into 10 sectors.  8 of these 10 sectors are cyclical stocks while 2 are non cyclical.  The two non cyclical are Consumer Staples and Utilities.  Non cyclical represent those things for consumers that are always in need, whether or not the economy is doing well or not.  Cyclical on the other hand represent those items that consumers buy when their confidence in the economy is high. 

Here is how S&P classifies stocks by sector:

  • Consumer Discretionary

  • Consumer Staples

  • Energy

  • Financials

  • Health Care

  • Industrials

  • Information Technology

  • Materials

  • Utilites

  • Telecommunication Services

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