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Cy Group Pro Program – $15,000

Education Requirement – The trader in training enrolls in our educational 10-day training seminar that covers many of the key micro trading tactics that are currently being used by Cy Group Traders to make their livelihood via the markets. We cover the basics of our software and tools. This extended course goes into detail on how to use the advanced features of our software.

Cy Group Laser – The Cy Trained Trader gets to use our direct access software called Laser. The normal $200/month fee is waived forever! This allows our novice student to develop into a pro trader without worrying about the monthly software fees. Take a peek at the fast moving markets of the Nyse, Nasdaq, and Amex. Learn initiailly using a practice account with demo money.

Market Data Chatroom – The Cy Trained Trader gets unlimited access to our market data chatroom. Here talk to other people regarding market sentiment and be able to receive streaming market news and rumors. Traders may also shadow trades from experienced traders. Split the profits you make with the firm. Enter here.

Payout – The Cy Trained Trader gets a 70% payout on all profits, with the ability to get as high as a 90% payout on all profits earned. All profits are payable monthly.

"No Risk Capital " Premium Services – No risk capital is required. Upon graduation of the Cy Group 10-Day Online Trading Seminar, you begin trading Cy Group's capital, with the ability to earn higher account levels after certain performance goals have been met. With the Pro package, traders start off with the ability to take 50k overnight, which is perfect for strategies that include swing trading.

Online Video Library - Study our most sucessful traders and their method, spend hours learning how to get in and out of a trade the reasons why they did it. Learn from experienced traders. Learn from the best.

25% to Esignal – Esignal is the flagship product for active traders who want to receive fast, reliable world market information deliverered right to your PC. Our members receive a 25% discount to their critically acclaimed products. Click here for more information.

Cy Scanner Subscription - Cy Traders get the ultimate tool to find the most profitable trade, with 2 years free subscription to our advanced live stock pick alert tool. Cy Scanner is the ultimate tool for finding real time trade signals. Some filters include looking for news/rumor spikes of at least 1 dollar happen within 30 second time frame, others include stocks that fill the morning gap, and thousands of others. Click here to see a snapshot.

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cy group pro equities traders

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