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Stock Trading is an activity that has come into existence numerous years ago. The number of individuals attracted to stock market Trading has always been commendable. However, with the increasing popularity on the Internet and the introduction of online stock Trading, the number of stock traders has increased by leaps and bounds. Online stock Trading has succeeded in gathering groups of people who eat, drink, sleep and breathe stock Trading! The volatility and liquidity of the stock market is what allures individuals to indulge themselves in stock Trading. Besides, there are several types of stock Trading which gives the interested individuals the option of choosing the one they are most comfortable with. One such type of stock Trading is stock option Trading.

Why is stock option Trading so popular - online and even otherwise??

An option is essentially a contract between two parties that gives the buyer the right to buy or sell the set of shares at a price and date that are predetermined. In return for the right, the buyer pays the seller a commission. There are two types of options - call option and put option. Put in simple words, stock option is a contract between two parties where the buyer receives a privilege for which he pays a premium to the seller, which acts as his fee. It would not be wrong to term stock option Trading as day Trading in terms of the future, because the date is predetermined.

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