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Level II
Traders can look at the depth of the market using level II. Colors are customizable.

RealTime Charts
Our real-time charts and technical studies give our traders an edge.

Manage your stock portfolio,available buying power, and also individual trade reports.

Stock Watch List
YouYou can create your own real-time stock watch list.

Dot & NX
Our system utilizes multiple DOT and NX lines. NYSE traders can fire away multiple NX orders.

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Define your own search criteria based on price and volume changes.

NSX National Stock Exchange

NSX and Genesis Securities, LLC Announce Connectivity

The National Stock Exchange, Inc. (NSX®) announced today that it has added connectivity to Genesis Securities, LLC's LASER Electronic Trading Platform to provide direct and immediate access to NSX's liquidity and its full menu of products and services.  LASER is an award-winning proprietary trading platform, developed by Genesis Securities, for active and sophisticated traders, as well as institutional and automated traders.
NSX, which has long been a price leader in this industry, offers inverted pricing on all Tape B securities, with highly aggressive pricing for both liquidity providers and takers across all tapes.

Add: Credit .003 on AMEX, .0026 on NASDAQ/NYSE
Remove: .003 on all
Route: .0029 on all
Use the NSX route in Laser.

About NSX
NSX is the cost-effective provider of exchange services, committed to aligning its interests with those of its customers. Founded in 1885, NSX has been a driving force for change in the world of securities exchanges and continues to lead the way in exchange innovation. For more information on NSX, visit <>.


GETCO Dark Pool Destination
Fastest Growing ATS Ever

New route – GETCO – cost is .0005 per share – this is a market maker.

Please make sure you enable TIF IOC under Tradeà TIF as GETCO only accepts IOC orders.

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