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Day Trading

Day Trading

Seminars are given by consistent and profitable traders each month throughout the year. We teach many aspiring traders to become successful. It has been our experience that many traders lose due to a combination of poor execution, lack of discipline, stubborn habits, and old technology.

Our seminars can be taken by anyone even if you are not a member. But keep in mind once you become a Cy Group member, seminars are included in the membership fee. New students will be shown how to maximize their software potential and get them to understand how to take advantage of all the different routing capabilities.  Students are taught how to develop a winning trading system that fits their needs.

We also show traders how to minimize risk and filter for high probability trades. We focus primarily on momentum plays based on our filters and technical analysis.

Among the variables we consider are price movement, news events, current volume, relative-strength theory, key indicator stocks, recent market patterns, pivot points, moving averages, stochastic, on balance volume, and tape-reading. Our plays are held anywhere from several minutes to several days, and naturally risk management is a top priority.


Day TradingChart reading is essential to our traders' profitability. For those who are interested, we have gathered a list of the most common chart patterns.


Laser Video Tutorial is your complete guide to the Laser trading platform!


Day TradingStocks are complicated financial instruments. Learn more about them.


Come discuss anything!
We offer online forums for traders to share their trading ideas or to discuss just about anything else.  It is very simple to use,  just sign up and type away.

Visit our chatroom where we discuss our strategies and alert other traders of news and other information throughout the day. Moderators in the room give suggestions on when to enter and exit a trade.  Collaborating in a group environment often yields better returns and helps establish discipline.

Our goal is to teach aspiring traders how to make consistent daily profits in any market condition. We encourage our traders to participate in chatroom discussions to enhance the learning environment for everyone.
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