Announcing new Laser with Autoexits exclusive to CY Traders:

- Autoexit based on DOLLAR amount per position

- Autoexit based on PERCENTAGE move based on entry price

- Autoexit all positions market if a max loss on total P/L is reached

- Autoexit portion of your position if a DOLLAR amount is hit

- Autoexit based on Bid/Offer to avoid out of market dark pool prints


1. Uninstall previous version of LASER using control panel add/remove programs
2. Click on link above and install new version of Laser
3. Double click on Laser icon on desktop and change port to 16105
4. Login to laser
5. If you get error message when you login saying to CHECK MA SETTINGS AND IP, this means we didn't add your userID to the database, in this case, email or come into chatroom to add your userID.
6. Look at image below and you will see this new layout has AFS loaded on the top (AFS window must be open for autoexit to work)
7. Right click and select RISK SETTINGS
(notice 'Autoexecution' is checked, this means its on, if you uncheck it turns it off, also if it asks for password use 1)


Select AUTOEXECUTION so you allow the system to market you out.

-Max Loss Per Position-

Max Loss per Pos. = dollar amount you will lose before it markets you out (you must check '$' below, type in 200 and means if any position loses 200 dollars it will market you out)

Max Loss per Pos. = how many pennies stock price must go against you before it markets you out (you must check 'CENT' below, type in 15 and means if any stock price goes against you 15 cents it will market you out)

Max Loss per Pos. = percentage from stock price it must go against you before it markets you out (you must check '%' below, type in 10 and means if stock entry price long at 20 and it drops to 18 it will market you out)

Close Pos. Size = Percentage of the position to exit. For example set 100 and set close position size to 100.  This means if you lose 100 bucks on any position, market you out 100% of the position.

- Account Max Loss-

Total Max Loss = total loss for day before it markets you out of ALL positions.
Example set to 500 so if you lose total 500 bucks for the day it will market you out of ALL positions of only Losers.

- Total Max Loss Per Position-

This is an combo option which closes only when total p/l is losing more than the Account max loss and one position is losing more than the value set here.

-P/L Calculation-

Select Bid/Ask to minimize out of market prints that autoexit you prematurely.


***Cy Group is not responsible for any executions by this mod, this is just offered to help our traders, not endorsed or fully sponsored by Cy Group. This is a 3rd party project designed to help new traders with Cy Group. ***