Level II
Traders can look at the depth of the market using level II. Colors are customizable.

RealTime Charts
Our real-time charts and technical studies give our traders an edge.

Manage your stock portfolio,available buying power, and also individual trade reports.

Stock Watch List
YouYou can create your own real-time stock watch list.

Dot & NX
Our system utilizes multiple DOT and NX lines. NYSE traders can fire away multiple NX orders.

Stock FilterFilter
Define your own search criteria based on price and volume changes


Fast Trading

Laser is a very fast and reliable trading platform. It was developed using optimized multi-threaded C++ code, running parallel on the latest XEON servers through direct LAN, point to point connections to ECN's, NASDAQ, and NYSE with very low ping times.

Whether you are new to trading or have had extensive experience with other day trading execution systems, the Laser system provides power and flexibility, which in turn gives the best possible trading solutions and the greatest chance of success. Laser is also the only trading platform to receive the NASD's platinum certifcation for order entry.

  • Trade directly with market participants
  • No need to route your order to a market maker
  • See and trade with the actual quotes in the market
  • Our traders connect to all major ecns and exchanges
  • SIAC
  • INET
  • ARCA
  • BRUT
  • TRAC
  • OES
  • ERCO

Order Execution

  • Direct order entry
  • Trader stops and limits
  • Fully customizable keyboard hotkeys
  • Real time simulated paper trading
  • Fast audio confirmations

General Features

  • Large selection of available markets
  • Composite position tracker
  • Online account report
  • Real time profit and loss per position


Data and Charts

  • Real time streaming quotes
  • Advanced real time customizable charts
  • Ability to prioritize market data
  • Real time technical studies


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