Trading Program
The perfect way to start off for new traders and learn the tools of the trade.

Any Experience trader can take advantage of the trading room at Cy Group.

Trade from anywhere in the world.  We provide the tools so you can.

Black Box
Fast execution and the most reliable automated trading.

Backed CapitalBacked Capital
Are you a profitable trader who needs backed capital to trade?


CY Group is a private trading group designed to meet the needs of all active traders. We encourage individuals of all levels to give us a call to discuss how we can improve your trading performance. CY Group offers our traders the fastest and most reliable exeuction platform in the market. Additionally, all CY Group traders have the opportunity to access our successful training programs.

Live Chat

Enter Live Trading

Come join our real-time chatroom where traders are openly discussing their daily trades. Our goal is to foster an environment where traders can work together to increase profitability.

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Registration is free. Join and post threads on any topic you wish to discuss. Visit frequently to see what other traders have on their mind.

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