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Equity TradingLaser Layout

View our standard layout which you can download from the right.

Level II
Traders can look at the depth of the market using level II. Colors are customizable.

Equity TradingRealTime Charts
Our real-time charts and technical studies give our traders an edge.

Equity TradingManagement
Manage your stock portfolio,available buying power, and also individual trade reports.

Equity TradingStock Watch List
YouYou can create your own real-time stock watch list.

Equity TradingDot & NX
Our system utilizes multiple DOT and NX lines. NYSE traders can fire away multiple NX orders.

Stock Filter
Define your own search criteria based on price and volume changes.


Download newest Cy Group Layouts here. Layouts have customized settings designed for your maximum advantage.

To change hotkeys please go to your Laser Menu "Trade -> Program Keyboard" .

There are two types of hotkeys:

1. Rapid Fire Hotkeys (Sends out order right away)
2. Load Only (need to press ENTER)

Please keep in mind the hotkeys that are highlighted in red are rapid fire keys.
These hotkeys shoot out without pressing the enter button. Also very important that you turn on your NUM LOCK when using Laser.

Equity Trading
numpad to set share size
(num 1 for 100 shares)
(num 2 for 200 shares)

Rapid Fire Instructions
1. Press numpad numbers to designate share size (example: numpad 4 for 400 shares)
2. Press Rapid Fire Key (press F4 to buy island market order)

Lets say you want to buy 400 shares right away via ISLAND. You want to buy on the offer. You would press NUM 4 for 400 shares and then press F4 to fire the order.

Load Only Instructions
1. Press numpad numbers to designate share size (example: numpad 4 for 400 shares)
2. Press Load Only Key (press F1 to buy island limit order)
3. Next press up/down to change the price to what you want
4. Press numpad ENTER key to send the order

Equity Trading
up/down = 1 penny increments
left/right = 5 penny increments

So as a Load only order example (like F1), you must press share size (num3 for 300 shares), then the hotkey, then change the price (Up/Down arrow), and then finally ENTER to send the order.

Let's say INTC is at 22.30 by 22.31. You want to buy 400 shares 10 cents below the bid at 22.20 on ISLAND. (left/right arrows are 5 cent increments)
You would press NUM4, F1, LEFT ARROW(2X), then press Enter to send the order. Another way would be instead of pressing the left arrow twice, you can press then down arrow 10 times to get to the 22.20 price.

UP Change price up by penny
DOWN Change price down by penny
LEFT Change price lower by 5 cents
RIGHT Change price higher by 5 cents

F1 Limit buy on BATS sit on the bid (.0028 rebate)
F2 Limit buy on EDGA sit on the bid (free)  
F3 Instant Buy on BATS hit the offer
F4 Instant Buy on ARCA (market order)

F5 Instant Sell on ARCA (market order)
F6 Instant Sell on BATS hit the bid  

F7 Limit sell on EDGA sit on the ask (free)
F8 Limit sell on BATS sit on the ask (.0028 rebate)

CTRL+F1 Limit buy bid on ARCA (good for premarket and afterhours)
CTRL+F8 Limit sell ask on ARCA (good for premarket and afterhours)

F12 Instant Spray Close Out Position All Shares (PANIC EJECT KEY)

Esc Cancel Last Order
Shift + ESC Cancel All Orders
Control + F4 Close current window
Space Bar   Switches to next Level II box

Num0 1000 shares
Num1 100 shares
Num2 200 shares
Num3 300 shares etc...
Num + Zoom in
Num -  Zoom out

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