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Cutting edge risk management automation tool that cuts positions based on dollar value loss.


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e-Signal ©: eSignal is the flagship product from the company by the same name. It's fast, reliable, world market information and decision support tools delivered to active traders and professionals -- directly to your PC or laptop.

eSignal packages are priced for the budgets and trading styles of every investor. Continuously updating quotes, charts, news and fundamentals -- plus analytics and strategy tools and integrated direct access trading. Please visit eSignal's website for more information.

Stock Market Trading Software

Stock Market Trading Software







Cy Group has a working relationship with eSignal. Our members receive an exclusive 20% discount on all eSignal products. In order to receive the discount, member must fill out our contact us page and indicate he/she wants the eSignal discount. eSignal and Advanced GET are registered products of eSignal ©. eSignal is copyright protected and Cy Group, LLC only has a working relationship with this software company.

Stock Market Trading Software

Stock Market Trading Software
  • eSignal Basic -- Choice of U.S., Canadian, South / Latin American, European, Asian and African equities, indices, CME E-Minis, CBOT Mini-Sized Futures, NYMEX miNYs and Forex add-on, plus 100s of world indices. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 100 at a time; standard (basic) charting only; Mix and Match of real-time and delayed data not available.
  • eSignal Premier -- Includes everything in eSignal Basic plus our advanced charting package. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 200 at a time. Add access to any futures exchanges. Add on 500 or 1,000 symbols viewing at a time.
  • eSignal -- Includes everything in eSignal Premier, plus options. Unlimited number of symbols, viewing 500 at a time. Add 1,000 symbols viewing at a time.
  • eSignal Market Scanner -- A suite of four powerful scans bundled into two packages, plus a Basic Scan, the eSignal Market Scanner screens the market in real time. With parameters you set based on your trading style, each scan searches the entire database of stocks from the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ exchanges to bring you results on current market dynamics presented in intuitive formats.
  • Advanced GET Scanner -- Search the U.S. markets in real time for stocks poised to move. This powerful trading tool will scan the markets for you. Type One buys, XTL Breakouts or Type Two sells -- find them all with a click of your mouse in seconds. The powerful search algorithm will display the stocks that meet your criteria.

Market OverviewMarket Overview
Displays streaming news, quotes and charts in the same page.

See in text and graphical formats, how your strategies might have performed.

Company ProfileCompany Profile
This tear sheet displays fundamental data, company-specific content and news on the same screen.

Advanced Charting Advanced Charting
Get real-time chart data with a library of customizable indicators

Market DeptMarket Dept
Includes NYSE Open Book, NASDAQ Level II -- NQDS and Level II -- TotalView, CME GLOBEX, CBOT Market Depth, etc.

World IndicesWorld Indices
Real-time African, Asian, European, and American data from all the major world exchanges.


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