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Stock Market Day Trading


Day Trading refers to the transactions taking place in the stock market - the buying and selling of single or multiple positions - in one single day or Trading session. This is invariably the outcome of speculators trying to make full use of the volatile changes taking place within the stock market in very short periods of time. Under day Trading, buying shares as well as currencies may take place within a matter of a couple of hours or even minutes.

Stock market day Trading - a popular activity indulged in by traders and investors

What attracts day traders to this activity is the ease of access of stocks, the size, the convenience and liquidity of the stock market. This makes the day traders believe that they can make as much profit as possible on one single day, without keeping any position open at the end of the day. However, here care needs to be taken because stock market day Trading bears a high amount of risk, and one needs to be prepared to lose money too! Since day Trading involves positions being opened and closed on the very same day, and is a short-term Trading that takes advantage of the price movement on a daily basis, it is inevitable that not all decisions made by the trader will be accurate.

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