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Credit Suisse CROSSFINDER is a new revolutionary method of accessing majority of the known dark liquidity pools. Laser has access to this route and can be used by setting your route or hotkeys to CREDIT SUISSE.
Online Trading Platform

Credit Suisse Crossfinder has 3 types of settins which can be accessed by going to the VIEW menu of LASER.
NEUTRAL : orders will be sitting and execute no worse than the midpoint of the visible bid / offer.
AGGRESSIVE : buy orders will execute up to the visible offer, and sell orders will execute down to the visible bid.
PASSIVE: orders will be sitting and execute only by providing liquidity

All crossfinder+ orders have a flat fee of .0025/share. Many Cy Traders will buy limit orders with BATS, EDGX to collect .0025 rebates and then buy on the offer using Crossfinder which will gaurantee a price better than the midpoint if set to neutral settings. Dark liquidity pools is a place for insitutions and now Cy Group Traders to buy and sell without visibility altering the market, think of Stealth mode. All orders placed on dark pools are not shown to the public. When using Credit Suisse Crossfinder, orders will be all hidden so it will not be visible. Also it will sweep different ecns to check for shares so this one route has access to 98% of the total market.
Online Trading Platform

To setup the buy hotkey, please go to your TRADE -> PROGRAM KEYBOARD. Please select 'BID ON CRSS' to set your buy limit dark pool hotkey.

To setup the sell hotkey, please go to your TRADE -> PROGRAM KEYBOARD. Please select 'ASK ON CRSS' to set your sell/short limit dark pool hotkey.





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