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Cy Scanner is a cutting edge market analyzer that spits trade signals in real time.

Samples menu is used to configure current Alert Window using configurations available on the Cy Scanner server:

The layout of the Symbol Lists Window is shown on the left.

The "Columns" menu item is used to change the list of columns displayed by the Alert Window for every received alert:

The Cy Scanner Pro can be configured so that when the new alert is received by an Alert Window, the alert symbol is sent as a text to the external (linked) window which belongs to other application

Symbol Lists used to perform different operations with the lists of stock symbols.

Actions are operations performed while handling different types of events.


  • This is by far the greatest real-time scanner on the market today. It is simple, straightforward and very reliable. For the cost, it is a bargain. Bravo!!! Well-done.
  • Bottom line after doing my homework I am telling you this product blows away the competition. The software is solid and the level of sophistication of what you can get it to do is better than any other real-time scanner in my opinion. Especially considering it only costs $33.00 a month. A must for any technical trader.
  • I have been using Cy Scanner for several weeks now, it is fantastic! Ease of use, quality of alerts and price are unbeatable in today's market. If you are looking for the best configurable real time scanner-- there is no question this software takes the prize.
  • I am a fairly new user but I must say I am extremely impressed with the functionality of this software and the support. When I was confused I sent an email to support and they responded with a configured window that I just clicked to open and it worked right away. Less than an 30 minutes after I sent request. It is an amazing amount of data to have to crunch. What has helped me is how this software is able to give me the kind of rapid situational analysis that constantly keeps me looking at possible set ups. IMHO if you trade actively or learning (like me) this is a product you must have !!!
  • A very good program though my knowledge is limited to the trial period. In my opinion a really interesting and efficient product absolutely affordable for what offers.

Click to download a full working live demo.

Follow the step by step instructions to install the program.

Login using the following info.
User = demo
Password = demo

Download our layout. (right click and select SAVE AS...)
< Click Here >

Load our layout by going to File-> Restore Layout

The demo version disabled stock symbols however the high-low alert is fully functional.

To sign up for the full version click the link on the left, you'll be prompted to enter in your information there after you will receive your own personal username and password to use.

For pricing please click here

For a tutorial guide on how the Cy Scanner functions please click here. The guide will give you an overview of what Cy Scanner has to offer, followed by detailed help on specific features of the product.


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