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FXP STOCK - Intelligent Trading Systems - The FXP Stocks proprietary fuzzy indicator represents a new development in the field of automated technical analysis. Our expertsystems evaluates securities once a minute and currencies all 30 sec.

This is Money - Your complete guide to personal finance and investing. For the latest market reports, breaking news, financial reports, market data, company news, reports on share prices, investments, savings, insurance, mortgages, investment trusts, ISAs, pensions, tax, credit cards, loans, overdrafts and banks and building societies.

Commodity Futures Trading Commission Home Page - The CFTC, an independent agency of the US government, oversees futures and option markets and protects market users.

Commodity Futures Trading Lessons - Lessons devoted exclusively to teaching important trading skills useful when working with commodity trading - futures trading - options trading - stocks and stock futures.

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