AUTOCLOSE is automated risk control software, designed for individual traders, groups of traders
and proprietary trading firms that use Sterling Trader Pro platform. Promotional rate of $60/month.

AUTOCLOSE software is designed to execute orders depending on pre-defined parameters. This program you can set so any positive position above a defined amount goes negative, it will market out. Any position loses X amount, markets out. If total account loses X amount, markets out. These are just a few of its features.

Frequently asked questions:
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  1. How AUTOCLOSE works?
    AUTOCLOSE works though the STERLING TRADER PRO API, all orders are sent through your sterling trader account. You just need to add all your group Sterling trader accounts to one (main) account, than start AUTOCLOSE, add accounts with parameters to cover positions.
  2. How do I add accounts to AUTOCLOSE?
    It is very easy to add accounts, just start AUTOCLOSE, press Actions -> Accounts, than fill out the form and press ADD ACCOUNT. You will see the account in the top list. Press OK button. You will see account added to main accounts list.
  3. How to change account parameters?
    To change existing account parameters press Actions -> Account, select account in top list then you will see parameters in Add/Edit Account’s data, change anything you need and press Edit Select Account, then press OK.
  4. Is it safe to use AUTOCLOSE ?
    Absolutely safe, because AUTOCLOSE uses Sterling Trader Pro API, all orders go through the trading platform.
  5. What routes does AUTOCLOSE use?
    AUTOCLOSE uses BATS Market and ARCA Market orders to cover positions.
  6. What orders does AUTOCLOSE use?
    It uses Market orders only.
  7. How many accounts can I add to AUTOCLOSE?
    Autoclose suppots up to 1000 account