AUTOCLOSE software is designed to execute orders depending on pre-defined parameters. Set a DOLLAR value to each position so once this loss is reached it will market you out. Trade now without worrying about human emotion and just trade systematically. Imagine if every trader is able to remove 3 of their worst trading days each month, they would have fantastic results. With Autoclose you will never have a black swan event!

To start, we will set few basic parameters to get you started.
Also please add (autoclose_support) on SKYPE for support.

ALERT: Trader can only change parameters after the market closes to avoid parameter changes after loss is hit, as this defeats the purpose of this system.

Please email us few basic parameters:
a. total max loss for account before all positions will be marketed out
b. max loss per position, if this loss is hit per position, it will exit that position only
c. or total max loss negative positions (this only adds up negative positions only and when it hits this total number, then it will close out only the negative positions and if your positive positions go negative it markets that out as well)

Below is full description of product (can add any of these functions anytime):

  1. Automatically closes ALL positions after reaching certain loss levels on individual accounts.
    AUTOCLOSE gives an opportunity to set stop loss value for each trading account, and after reaching a stop loss, all positions will be covered immediately at market price.
  2. Automatically closes Negative positions after reaching a pre-defined negative sum.
    This function helps to sit winners and cover losers, you setup max Negative loss and after reaching max negative loss in positions, all NEGATIVE positions will be covered immediately at market price.
  3. Automatically closes position after reaching pre-defined loss per symbol. With AUTOCLOSE you can easily limit losses by symbol. For example,you can set max loss per symbol to $50 it means that after reaching $50 loss in any symbol, position will be covered automatically. This function can be very useful in volatile stock trading in combination with automatically take profit function.
  4. Automatically closes All positions after losing a pre-defined percentage from the account’s max profit.
    You just set Percentage and Take Profit Starting Point and AUTOCLOSE will calculate and close all positions after reaching percentage loss from highest profit point of the day. For example max loss percentage set to 50%, starting point set to $1000. In this case algorithm starts when trader reaches $1000 profit. Trader makes another $300, so his overall profit $1300, and then starts to lose, AUTOCLOSE will cover all positions after losing 50% ($650) from the highest profit point of the day.
  5. Automatically closes only negative positions after losing pre-defined percentage from trader’s max profit.
    Same function as above but closes only negative positions in case of losing some percentage from highest profit point of the day.
  6. Automatically closes position after losing pre-defined percentage from max profit per symbol.
    This function designed to save percentage from your maximum profit per symbol. For example you set this parameter to 30% and set starting point $200 this means that after reaching $200 unrealized profit in any symbol, AUTOCLOSE algorithm starts, and will count 30% from the highest point (value) of profit. After losing 30% from highest point of profit, position will be closed.
  7. Automatically takes pre-defined profit.
    Inverse to stop loss. Will cover positions after reaching some profit by trader.
  8. Automatically closes day trade positions at 15.59 pm EST (Market Close)
    This function protects firm’s capital from overnight risks, by automatically closing certain account positions at specific time (15:58 default). This function useful if trader has small deposit, but trying to stay overnight with more then allowed risks.
  9. Can close positions based on Gross or Net