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Since the stock markets have been opened to the general public some very important changes have come about in the way stocks and bonds are traded. The biggest on seems to be the growth of the proprietary trading firm as more members of the public are deciding to try their hand at investing in the markets. The markets were no longer the domain of professional investors and as such a new breed of trader came into existence as they learned to not only invest with their own money, but with that of the investment firm itself.

The Internet has brought day trading to homes across the country and as such the proprietary trading firm now has access to thousands of new investors bringing in plenty of fresh capital to work with. These savvy new traders generally have the background, knowledge and experience to be able to successfully invest not only their own money, but the working capital of the trading firm and do so quite successfully.

The big thing here is that the trader is not actually employed by the firm, rather he is paid a commission on any profits his investments make. What many people fail to realize is that the average proprietary trading firm does not just invest the money that belongs to their clients. In fact they invest large amounts of their own capital in various stocks, bonds and futures with the intention of making a tidy profit. This type of trading allows the firm to take advantage of all the research and information that they have done on the behalf of their clients and apply it to making a profit with their own money. With this in mind there are two major types of proprietary trading firm partnership accounts. The first is the one that is one hundred percent owned and funded with the investment firm's capital. Here the trader who handles the accounts is not actually an employee of the firm on a salary; instead he receives a commission or percentage of the profits generated by the trades he makes.

The other style of account involves the trader investing not only the firm's money, but his own too. Here he gets paid his commission plus all of the money he made from his own investments. Typically the proprietary trading firm deals in day trading stocks so as to maximize profitability while keeping risks to a minimum. In general these so called "Prop Shops" use proprietary software to help them analyze the flow of the markets in real time so that they can remain as liquid as possible, it is rare that they will hold any position overnight and risk losses. The plan is to get in and get out when the first signs of a change in trend is noticed. If you would like to know more about the proprietary trading firm or anything else to do with trading on the stock market take a look at Cy Group Online. Here you will find an experts who are willing to share their knowledge and help you learn what it takes to succeed in today's stock markets.


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