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The CY Group Online is an online trading platform that is able to meet the needs of both novice and seasoned traders and with a one-time membership free, members of the CY Group Online trading platform will gain access to valuable resources and tools, such as access to a secure market data chat room, where all news of Wall Street is available immediately and in addition, Cy Group Online offers their members trade capital to trade in the US equity markets. The other benefits of our online trading platform include the use of a platinum certified platform that will allow members to optimize their trade executions and with regular online trading seminars, members will be kept informed and up to date with the latest developments on the trade markets. CY Group Online has recently launched their CY Scanner and this is an innovative real time stock filter which scans the market for any trade signals. Members of the CY Group online trading platform are eligible to receive the innovative CY Scanner at a reduced rate-find out more information via our website.

The other advantages which can be enjoyed by our online trading platform users include the chance to access advanced trading software, as well as filtering programs and charting packages. The online trading platform is the perfect choice for both novice and seasoned traders, as well as money managers, private investors, brokers and anybody who is keen to share information in online trading chat rooms. If you are planning on trading on a full time or part time basis, our online trading platform is able to provide you with the correct tools and online resources which will allow the right exposure to be obtained. The other benefits of our online trading platform are the unrestricted usage of a platinum certificate platform and the chance to optimize all trade executions. The regular trade seminars which are hosted by head traders will provide insight into new trade strategies, and while using the online trading platform, traders can look forward to making trading profitable.

For traders who want to gain exposure on an online trading platform, the Cy Group Online website,, contains all the relevant information about what our members can look forward to and the host of trading tools and online resources which are available. In order to view the CY online trading platform advantage, visit our website and enjoy the very best in innovative and cutting edge technology that will allow both novice and experienced traders to make the right decision and optimize their trade executions. For a single, one-time membership fee, our online trading platform will offer the CY advantage that will effectively increase trade profits and give unlimited access to valuable trading tools. CY Group Online is a leader in offering custom, full service market education and technical know how and with our innovative selection of trading strategies and online seminars, using our online trading platform will guarantee trade success.


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